Tuesday, December 28, 2010

S.N.V., INC. Hosts 1st Annual Feeding the Homeless Thanksgiving

November 2010 (Hampton, VA)  - S.N.V., Inc.  held its First Annual Feeding the Homeless Event at their Community Center in Hampton, Va.

Over 325 homeless and poverty stricken citizens enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving feast provided by S.N.V., Inc.’s Head Chef Mr. Jarvis McCaden, Ms Delphine Morley and all the chef’s helpers.  Not only did they get the opportunity to enjoy great food, but they also had the opportunity to shop S.N.V.’s Clothes Closet which was stacked high with clothing for men, women and children of every size. Many walked out with free clothing, shoes, purses, Avon products and coats that were donated by generous individuals all over.  Men, women and children received free haircuts provided by Mr. Tim Lucas and Ms Amber Brinkley, barbers who volunteered their time and skill.  Appreciation and thanks to them for providing this service.  Another special thanks to several members of the Newport News Air Traffic Control Tower who also stepped in to give a helping hand.  Ashley Winbush, John Murray, Andrew and Angela Black. Everyone had fun, and we had WONDERFUL volunteers such as Ms Barbara, Ms Anita Frazier, her two daughters Jazmine and Jada Bynum, Ms Regis Anthony who all served, Ms Rose who helped with the clothes closet and Ms Teyonna Atkins from the organization Molding Minds who heard about our Feeding the Homeless Thanksgiving event through the Hampton Roads Live E-Paper and decided to come out and give us a helping hand with this effort. And through this event another friend and collaboration has been established to continue to help the homeless with two more clothing events for January 8th and the 15th by Ms Atkins of Molding Minds and Ms Thomas of S.N.V., Inc. But the true reason this event was done was to let the homeless and those less fortunate know that we do care.  And by the many thanks and hugs I received that day, we did exactly that. 

Anyone interested in donating to this continued cause, please contact Ms Atkins at 757-597-4644 or Ms Thomas at 757-234-1387or email address: snvinc@aol.com


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