Monday, December 6, 2010

Stop The Silence

One of the main themes here at S.N.V. Inc. is “Stop The Silence”. One of the ways to do that is to join together with other survivors of sexual abuse here at SNV and be a loud voice to be heard in our community. I read a very disturbing article in our local paper about the huge increase of sexual crimes against children in our area. I myself am sorry to say for most of my life I stayed silent because of my own shame I had in being a victim of sexual abuse.

I know first hand the impact that this has on ones life. If you know of someone or you yourself have been a victim of sexual abuse please join us here at SNV.  SNV is like a family here to support one another and reach out to the community to prevent this tragedy from happening to as many children as we can. We reach out and help those that have already been hurt.

It is only in silence that these types of crimes are committed. It is in our silence it will it continue to happen. Please, if your life has been affected by childhood sexual abuse join us before more children are hurt. You ask what can you do? You might surprise yourself. There is strength in numbers. There are many different ways to help support SNV and in doing so you yourself will find many rewarding experiences.

So please, stop being silent. Silence is never the answer. In silence you protect the ones that commit these crimes. So please once again, join SNV in speaking out loud with one strong loud voice for our children and our future.

Article by Jack Stroskopf

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I was thinking about this very topic this morning, and the thought came to me that the longer we are silent, the more damage our abusers can do. It is, as you said, in our silence that we protect our abusers, not ourselves or the innocent children, upon whom they prey.