Wednesday, November 17, 2010


One thing I've learned it that it is virtually impossible to get through this 
life without getting a few scars. I'm sure its a guy thing to compare scars and 
tell of the stories of how we got them. Some stories are funny. Some scars we 
seem proud of having. Some were from tragic accidents we had no control of. Some 
scars are so embarrassing and in places you never tell anyone. 

I have had the pleasure of meeting a Vietnam vet on a number of occasions. His 
name is Dave Roever. Dave can never hide the scars he has from being wounded in 
combat. Today if you ever happen to meet Dave you could never ask to meet a man 
with more passion or compassion to helping soldiers also wounded in combat. He 
has such a message of hope and healing. I saw Dave on t.v. awhile back and he 
stated because of his suffering he is able to minister to a hurting world.

I also have scars. No not from combat but scars of another kind. Scars you will 
never see. They are scars of the heart. As`a child and a teen I was sexually 
abused or perhaps raped is a better word. You would never know it if I never 
told you. There are and were many effects on my life, some good and some bad. I'm 
here to tell you that I'm a survivor and if I can make it so can you.

I would like all to know that there is help but only if you are willing to admit 
your wounding and scars still trouble you today. At SNV you will find loving 
caring people that have experienced the impact of sexual abuse. Just as accidents 
happen, so does sexual abuse. You are not alone.
Article by Jack Stoskopf

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