Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Heart of SNV Is Healing

The heart of SNV is healing. Through education, awareness, support groups, counseling, and many other events such as community events and entertainment. Maybe you didn't come from a positive family background because of an abusive, dysfunctional situation. Here at SNV you can be part of a family that loves and cares for one another and truly understands your particular needs.
Healing begins when you take that first step. That first step is telling yourself you aren’t happy and you need change. It’s not by accident you are checking this website out. It was meant to be. Its time for change and healing from the past. Most of us here at SNV have been down the same road as you have in life. Most of us come from a sexually abused past and maybe not exactly walked in your shoes but have experienced your pain.

I want to encourage you to take another step in the right direction and call or write an email to us here at SNV. We do care and we understand your hurt and feeling like you just don’t belong. You have a purpose in life and can discover what it is all about here at SNV.

Article by Jack Stoskopf

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